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What is a Little?


A Little is a child who is enrolled in Big Brothers Big Sisters’ programs that could benefit by having a positive role model and mentor in their life. Any child can be a Little, but we only enroll children between the ages of 6 and 13.


Is the program free?


Yes, all of our programs are free of charge.


What programs do you offer?

We currently run School and Community Mentoring Programs. To learn more about them, browse our programs page.

What do Littles do with Bigs?


Matches decide what they will do together. In the Community Mentoring Program, they have some flexibility, and, in the School Mentoring Program, they follow a more routine schedule.


What does Big Brothers Big Sisters do to keep the Littles safe?


We run multiple background checks, check references, conduct lengthy interviews, and maintain close contact with all of our volunteer Bigs. To learn more about how we protect our kids, check out our resources page.


Do you match Little Brothers with Big Sisters or Little Sisters with Big Brothers?


We try to match all Little Brothers up with Big Brothers, but, due to our current lack of male volunteers, we sometimes match Little Brothers up with Big Sisters if they are willing. However, we do not match Little Sisters up with Big Brothers.



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