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Community Mentoring Program
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Our Community Mentoring Program matches local volunteers with kids in need.


Matches meet a few times a month and can do all sorts of things together, such as… 


•    Taking a walk in the park
•    Going to a museum
•    Bonding over bowling
•    Listening to music
•    Hanging out and talking 


Some Bigs meet with their Littles on the weekends, while others get together with their Littles on weeknights; each match makes a schedule that works for them.

Make a difference while having fun!


To become a Big or to enroll a child in our Community Mentoring Program, click here or call our office at (717) 843-0051.

School Mentoring Program

What is the School Mentoring Program?


Local high school or college mentors become Bigs for elementary students, Littles, in one-on-one matches. 



Matches meet at the Littles’ school to...


•    Work on Littles’ homework
•    Read stories
•    Play exciting games
•    Eat nutritious snacks
•    HAVE FUN!

Matches maintain their relationship outside school walls! They communicate over the summer through postcards and phone calls and participate in Big Brothers Big Sisters-sponsored events!


It’s great for volunteers, teachers, and parents!
Interested in being a part of the program? Please call us at (717) 843-0051 to discuss how you can get involved.


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The numbers speak for themselves...

Community Mentoring Program Impact

In 2019, of all the kids touched by the Community Mentoring Program…

  • 92% maintained or improved their academic performance

  • 96% maintained or improved their school attendance

  • 92% demonstrated respect for themselves and others

  • 75% had age-appropriate literacy skills

  • 98% graduated or are on track to go to the next grade level

  • 96% regularly participate in the program

School Mentoring Program Impact

During the 2018 - 2019 academic year, of all the children in the School Mentoring Program…

  • 97% improved or maintained their academic performance

  • 97% improved or maintained their school attendance 

  • 84% demonstrated respect for themselves or others

  • 71% had age-appropriate literacy skills at the end of the academic year (as compared to 58% at the beginning)

  • 99% were on track to move to the next grade level

  • 99% attended the program at least 50% of the time

  • Littles read 11,832 pages


During the 2018 - 2019 academic year, of all the Bigs in the School mentoring program,

  • 91% had strong relationships with their Littles

  • 85% felt connected to their communities because they volunteered with Big Brothers Big Sisters

  • 96% wanted to continue volunteering in their communities of their experiences with Big Brothers Big Sisters

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